Finally, a collision protector that really protects your racks: The Defender by NEDCON. The extremely sturdy, free-standing collision protector prevents forklift trucks and pallets from damaging the lower position of uprights and base plates. And because every warehouse is different, the Defender is available in three grades of strength.

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  • Available in three grades of strength, depending on the level of risk in your warehouse
  • Protects against more than 3000 Joules
  • Extra strong thanks to NEDCON’s patented reinforcement lip and ribs
  • No need for replacement after small or normal damage
  • Free-standing and fixed in concrete for maximum protection of upright and base plate
  • Specially designed to minimise the risk of damage to your floor
  • Hidden damage is not possible


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NEDCO-2162-Defender-logo-blauwwit-RGB-DFThe Defender absorbs all collisions up to a height of 0.4 metres, regardless of which direction they come from. The body of the protector absorbs all of the force, so the anchor plate and the anchors are not pried loose. As a result, the risk of damage to your concrete floor is minimised. If the Defender itself is damaged, it can simply be unscrewed and replaced. The Defender can handle multiple collisions and it is therefore not necessary to replace it after every accident.

Three grades of strength
In a quiet warehouse, with wide aisles and experienced drivers, the risk of damage is many times smaller than in a hectic warehouse with more inexperienced workers (for example: high staff turnover). For this reason, we offer three grades of collision protection. Choose the Defender that suits the level of risk in your warehouse:

  • The DEFENDER 800 is strong enough to resist a collision of 800 Joules. That is twice the European FEM 10.2.16 standard guideline and therefore an excellent choice if you want to meet this standard.
  • The DEFENDER 1500 provides realistic protection from the glancing blows and collisions common in day-to-day warehouse work. This protector can handle multiple collisions of 1500 Joules before requiring replacement.
  • The DEFENDER 3000 is the strongest collision protector available. Specially designed for warehouses at high risk of forceful collisions. For example, heavy warehouse trucks or fast-driving forklift trucks. This protector can handle multiple collisions of 3000 Joules.

Which DEFENDER is suitable for your warehouse?
Do you want to know right away which Defender is the most suitable for your warehouse? You can calculate this yourself on our specially designed Defender website page, click here to visit this page. Enter the number of pallet positions, the speed of your forklift trucks in the warehouse and the weight of the truck. This will quickly and easily tell you which Defender we recommend.

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