More and more dynamism, flexibility and agility are required of a warehouse or distribution center. This is only possible if such a facility is equipped with extremely dynamic warehouse and order picking systems. This is precisely what our relation WITRON specializes in.

Hyperdynamic warehouse
WITRON took charge of a greenfield project for the Meijer corporation: a chain of supercenters, or in other words, hypermarkets. Of course, hypermarkets cannot exist without a hyperdynamic distribution center to ensure fast and constant supply.

That Meijer distribution center rose in Tipp City, Ohio. WITRON engaged NEDCON for this project. This allowed us to more or less repeat, as in 2016 we delivered a similar project for WITRON and Meijer, in Lansing, Michigan.

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WITRON - Meijer
Tipp City, Ohio
Properties of this project
  • 9 aisles of pallet racking
  • 9 pallet levels, 22.4 meters high
  • 45 sections - 2 pallets a bay, double-deep storage
  • 23,216 pallet locations
  • 79 km of uprights, 59 km of diagonals, 32,500 beams and 20 km of backstop profiles.
  • A 10 level platform: lowest level at 2,370 mm - highest level at 14,200 mm
  • 8,100 m2 of floor panels
  • 150 stairs and ladders
  • 600 meters of fencing

Our engineers to the limit
Lansing was a good dry run for this even more complex project in Tipp City. One that demanded the utmost from our engineers. The complete design consists of a fine-tuning of a wide range of different elements. These are reflected in the features of this project.

Watch the video of the final result
The beauty of this kind of complex challenge is that the end result is, of course, extra spectacular. See it with your own eyes:


Even a great plan is just a plan....
until you make it real


Install a fully automated distribution center for Meijer, serving Meijer stores in Ohio, Southeast Indiana and Northern Kentucky.


9 crane aisles installed that can accommodate more than 23,000 pallet locations. The system is 22.4 m high, has 45 sections, 2 pallets per bay and double-deep storage. We also supplied 8,100 m2 of working platforms, divided into 7 floor levels.


A fully automated, hyper-dynamic distribution center that supplies Meijer's superstores with lightning speed and accuracy.

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