Rensa Family Company

From its small goods warehouse in Didam, Rensa Family Company distributes some 20,000 items to installers for various Rensa Family specialist wholesalers. The products collected, stored and shipped here include fittings for piping systems, service parts, clock thermostats and taps. In 2009, NEDCON realized an automatic system at this location in cooperation with system partner KNAPP. Part of this system has now been replaced by the updated OSR Shuttle™ EVO system, which is even more compact, faster, more energy efficient and easier to maintain. In the near future the other, old part will also be replaced by the new system.

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Properties of this project
  • 97,800 storage locations for the storage of small goods in bins (including the 2022 expansion)
  • 3 maintenance floors installed per aisle so that all levels of the system can be easily reached in case of maintenance
  • Racking system equipped with shuttle rails so that the shuttle can pick the bins from the system flawlessly
  • Mesh walls placed on the sides of the racks for the purpose of system security
  • 336 order picking positions available by means of flow racks

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More information about Rensa Family Company

As a central service provider in a group of companies, Rensa Family Company is a versatile organization with a great deal of know-how in-house. The various specialist sales companies of Rensa Family use its services and expertise on a daily basis. Think of logistics services, HR, E-commerce and ICT, technical support, Marketing & Communication and financial administration. From the distribution centers in Doetinchem (see here the manually delivered project by NEDCON in Doetinchem) and Didam, logistic services are performed for Rensa Heating & Ventilation, Gévier Bathroom & Sanitary and Gafco Cold & Climate.

In Didam is the small goods warehouse where a wide variety of products are received, stored, collected and shipped. Customers who place orders before 6 p.m. receive their orders the same night or the next working day at their warehouse, at the bus or at the construction site.

With the newly delivered OSR Shuttle™ EVO system, order picking, storage and shipping is even more efficient. Rensa Family Company's goal with this project was to expand storage and picking capacity to facilitate growth. An additional aisle with flow racks was installed to replace the old picking station. In addition, an extra system was installed at another location to temporarily buffer orders. This buffer is intended for the storage of shipping boxes. In the evening, when all orders have been collected, the shipping boxes are placed on pallets in the correct order according to the results of the trip planning. In total, four robots stack thousands of boxes every evening in just a few hours so that customers are supplied with their orders on time.

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Expanding storage and collection capacity with new systems, replacing an old system, to facilitate the growth of Rensa Family Company.


An additional aisle OSR with flw racks to replace the old picking station and an additional OSR Shuttle™ system for temporary buffering of orders.


A compact, fast and low maintenance system that makes Rensa Family Company ready for the future.

Products within this project
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