Paardekooper (part of Koninklijke Paardekooper Group) is active worldwide in supplying innovative and sustainable packaging materials to a diversity of sectors such as food & services, horticulture, agri and the industrial sector. The family company has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. The opening of the new logistics center in Den Hoorn is a fantastic result. Receiving the designation ‘’Royal’’, which means that the company has now been in existence for 100 years, was the icing on the cake in 2019. The long-standing cooperation between Paardekooper and NEDCON has resulted in another beautiful project, including a unique pallet racking solution. The delivered project meets the wishes and needs in terms of safety and efficiency, and supports the company in realizing its growth ambitions.

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Den Hoorn
Properties of this project
  • Unique solution delivered for the storage of pallets with different sizes and weights
  • A mix of wire mesh panels and press panels installed
  • 27.500 pallet locations available
  • Installation lead time of 6 weeks
  • Warehouse equipped for the use of very narrow aisles- (VNA) and reach trucks
  • More than 200 Pick & Drop stations supplied for the preperation of pallets for the VNA truck and the storage of empty pallets
  • 34 kilometers of upright profiles installed
  • 35 kilometers of beam profiles installed
  • Products coated in Paardekooper's corporate colors

Who is Koninklijke Paardekooper Group?
Currently, the fourth generation of the Paardekooper family is at the helm of the company, whose head office is located in Oud-Beijerland. Its foundation dates back to 1919. In that year Jan Paardekooper opens a paper wholesaler and bookshop in Rotterdam. Over the years, the business activities have shifted to the trade in packaging materials. In recent years, the Paardekooper family has further extended the company by making various large acquisitions.

Growth by acquisitions
Since mid-2019, almost the entire group has been trading under the name Paardekooper B.V. The acquisition also addressed other segments, such as fruit and vegetables, industrial packaging (both food and non-food) and (packaging) wholesalers. With the drawing up of a new strategy plan in 2019, the choice was made to refocus on the core activity: the trade in packaging and packaging materials. ‘’In this way we remain the leading supplier in the field of sustainable packaging, internationally,’’ said Niek Hoogsteen, General Manager (left in the photo).

Sustainability is key pillar
Sustainability has a high priority within the company. With the establishment of their own Life Cycle Assessment Centre (LCA Centre), they can meet their customers’ many questions that are still being asked frequently in this area. Niek Hoogsteen: ‘’With the LCA Centre, we can scientifically analyze the environmental impact in the field of packaging and we stay close to the truth without making vague statements.’’ The laboratory is an independent company and also performs analyzes for other parties. Even though the LCA Centre is part of Koninklijke Paardekooper Group, the results remain confidential. This makes the lab professional in character.

Experiences with NEDCON
The new logistics center in Den Hoorn, which has a surface of 30.000m2, is the third project that we have delivered to the packaging specialist. ‘’Due to good experiences with NEDCON installations at our locations in Oud-Beijerland and Beuningen, we quickly approached NEDCON for the design of this warehouse. ‘’There is no doubt that thanks to NEDCON’s expertise, we will experience a lot of pleasure and convenience within our entire logistics process for many years to come,’’ said Mathijs Penders, Group Manager Logistics (right in the photo).

Even a great plan is just a plan....
until you make it real


Setting up a warehouse for the storage of pallets with different dimensions and weights. The solution must be extremely efficient and safe to use and must be designed for the use of both a VNA- and reach truck. This in connection with various order picking methods.


A construction that has been developed according to specific customer demand. In addition, the project is designed for various options of order picking, which gives Paardekooper a lot of flexibility in its logistics process.


A warehouse that is multifunctional in design and implementation and that supports Paardekooper in realizing its ambitions.

"There is no doubt that we will experience a lot of pleasure and convenience within our entire logistics process for many years to come thanks to the expertise of NEDCON."
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