Nunner Logistics

Nunner Logistics is an originally Austrian company but has been headquartered in the Netherlands for quite some time now. Its founding dates back to the year 1955 but the company made a unique relaunch in 2014 after being sold to another party for over 10 years and thus operating under a different name. Nunner Logistics is a provider of logistics services and meanwhile their goal is to control the entire supply chain for their customers so that they are completely unburdened. Therefore, they have partners and locations all over the world so they know what their logistics process looks like at all times: what is the status of an order, where is a freight and what does the storage in the warehouse look like. As a result of this development, Nunner Logistics now also has access to multiple warehouses in the Netherlands (with a total area of 400,000 square meters) where they store customer goods. Last year, this cooperation between Nunner Logistics and NEDCON resulted in two great projects in Drunen and s'-Heerenberg. NEDCON supplied the pallet racks for both distribution centers.

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Nunner Logistics
Properties of this project
  • Pallet racking supplied for storage of bulk goods on pallets
  • More than 40000 pallet positions available
  • Uprights equipped with NEDCON Stiffener to ensure safety in the warehouse
  • Passages provided with fall protection
  • Installation lead time of only 6 weeks

More about Nunner Logistics
The most important pillars in the cooperation of Nunner Logistics with their customers is to listen well, to be flexible and to be close to their customers. This distinguishes them from large players; the communication lines are very short so they can quickly switch and offer the customer a suitable solution.

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To provide the customer with the best possible solution, in which time is also an important factor, they also try to look at other ways of transportation. Instead of sea freight, they also transport on rails or in the air. In order to determine the right way of transport, they look at which products would benefit from it, these are mainly goods where there is a lower stock and therefore speed is desired. In addition, they are constantly expanding their network. In locations where they operate, whether in Europe or Asia, they want to have their own locations and people available to monitor the logistics process so that they are constantly aware of the status of orders.

Nunner Logistics expects to continue its growth in the coming years. On the one hand by autonomous growth associated with market demand, on the other hand by making acquisitions itself. In addition, there are currently discussions for the construction of a new warehouse. One thing is certain: Nunner Logistics is actively building its own future!

Even a great plan is just a plan....
until you make it real


Providing a suitable pallet racking solution that needs to be realized in a relatively short period of time.


A tailored project with a short lead time in engineering, production and installation.


A solution which allows Nunner Logistics to efficiently store many products and relieve one of their customers of the burden of the logistics process. This fulfills the request they made to NEDCON.

''We had the desire to work with NEDCON from the beginning. They are leaders in designing warehouses.''
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