Koemans Verpakkingen

Koemans’ newly completed distribution center is located in a unique location on the Dutch A12 motorway. From this location, they provide their mainly Dutch customers with a loyal pool of staff with the highest quality industrial packaging materials on a daily basis. The company's steady growth has ensured that construction of the new distribution center in Bodegraven started in 2019. The three halls are now all filled with NEDCON pallet racks. The project offers Koemans Verpakkingen possibilities to expand the warehouse in the future.

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Koemans Verpakkingen
Properties of this project
  • A tailor-made solution with extra heavy pallet racks
  • More than 10.000 pallet locations for the storage of (bulk)goods on both euro and block pallets
  • Built in 3 phases
  • 13 kilometers of upright profiles installed
  • 17 kilometers of beam profiles installed
  • Installation lead time of 6 weeks - 3 phases of 2 weeks

Passion for packaging
Koemans Verpakkingen is the specialist in industrial packaging materials. This for more than 40 years already. Founders and brothers John and Frank Koemans still enter the market their selves every day. John Koemans (left in the photo): ‘’Seeing and speaking to our customers, face-to-face, is very important to us. They help determine our strategy and we want to remain involved in this on a daily basis. It provides us with the right ideas to maintain our position in the market.’’

Frank Koemans adds: ‘’Maintaining this position also included entering the new distribution center in Bodegraven. NEDCON has helped us excellently in setting it up. A tailor-made solution was realized for us, developed according to the needs we had. The products supplied are of high quality and NEDCON, like us, attaches great importance to safety. This is very important to us. We enjoy doing business with companies that pursue the same core values. NEDCON was therefore the right partner for the design of our distribution center from the start.’’

Even a great plan is just a plan....
until you make it real


A solution that is spacious, efficiently designed and offers a great deal of flexibility for the future.


A warehouse that consists of extra heavy type pallet racks with wide aisles. 10.000 pallet positions are available for the storage of goods on both euro and block pallets. The weighted racks give Koemans Verpakkingen the opportunity to properly accommodate the storage of future changes in the range in the warehouse.


Due to the spacious layout of the warehouse, there are many possibilities for expanding storage activities. This meets the growth ambitions of Koemans Verpakkingen and makes the company ready for the future.

''NEDCON, like us, considers safety of paramount importance. The products delivered are of high quality. We enjoy doing business with companies that pursue the same core values.''
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The NEDCON head office is located in Doetinchem (The Netherlands). We also have our own production facility in Pardubice (Czech Republic) and there are NEDCON offices in various European countries and the United States.

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