At Hermes’ fulfilment center in Haldensleben, a great NEDCON project has been realized consisting of two mezzanine floors with shelving. For this project, a 50% water permeable shelf has been developed, a unique solution, made possible by the development and execution of tests in our Test Department. With this project, Hermes takes over the entire shipping process for its customers. From the moment the consumer places the order, the warehousing up to and including the processing of returns. The spectrum of goods varies from textiles and jewelry to smartphones, furniture and washing machines. The fulfillment center is directly connected to the Hermes transport network, which means that parcels can be sent to recipients very quickly. The delivered installation supports Hermes in providing its customers with a smoothly functioning supply chain, so that consumers receive the placed order very quickly.

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Properties of this project
  • Warehouse facilitated to manual order picking method
  • Shelving installed for small items storage
  • Because building columns in the existing building had to be taken into account while designing, uniquely constructed mezzanine floors have been delivered
  • For fire protection, a 50% water permeable shelf developed by the disposal of our Test Department which is unique in the market
  • The lighting facility on the second floor was realized by attaching lighting elements to the shelving
  • Installation lead time of 20 weeks

By installing two mezzanine floors, uniquely constructed by our engineers, Hermes has access to an extensive warehouse with many possibilities to expand its storage activities. The installation is suitable for storage of small goods on shelves that are equipped with the 50% permeable shelf. This design of the shelf was required according to the VDS guideline (independent testing institute). After an extensive period of testing of prototypes in our Test Department, this unique concept has been created. The rounded holes make the shelf extremely safe for use. The specially developed fall of protection, which is attached to the shelf, ensures that the container cannot fall from the shelf during order picking.

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A warehouse that offers many possibilities for expanding of storage activities. An important spearhead within the design of the construction is safety. This so that employees can perform their work with ease during order picking and the warehouse is guaranteed of the required protection.


The delivered solution consists of several mezzanines on which shelving units are installed. Because of the expertise of our engineers, this construction could be realized in the already existing building. In close reconciliation with the customer special components, such as the 50% permeable shelf and fall off protection for plastic boxes, have been developed.


A well executed project that Hermes supports to be able to carry out its storage and shipping activities in an efficient manner. Hermes will be able to further increase its storage activities by all options made available by the provided solution. In addition, employees can carry out the work with the greatest of ease.

‘‘We are pleased that NEDCON has been able to fully support us with the required safety by developing the required 50% water permeable shelf in its Test Department.''
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