De Bosrand

Modular shelving systems make a warehouse or distribution center scalable

A business that’s constantly evolving and growing, benefits from flexibility and scalability. So too when it comes to warehouse spaces or distribution centers. This is possible with shelving systems that can be adapted to changing needs. Exactly what NEDCON provides for the distribution center of the ambitious company ‘De Bosrand’ (Translation: The Forest Edge)

De Bosrand is growing and thriving
De Bosrand is a truly green company, in the literal and sustainable sense of the word. In this family business you’ll find real professionals. Enthusiasts who have a passion for everything to do with greenery, styling and atmosphere. What started with a nursery in 1980 has grown into a complete chain of its own nurseries, wholesalers, garden centers.. and a new distribution center.

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De Bosrand
Properties of this project
  • One of the first projects with our new shelves
  • Modular shelving suitable for E-commerce growth
  • Easy to move and/or modify
  • Robust shelfs last for many decades
  • Distribution center offering speed, efficiency, flexibility and scalability

Speed, efficiency, flexibility and scalability
That distribution center arose in Oegstgeest, in the west of The Netherlands. This is where all plants, flowers and containerized goods arrive daily. From there these goods are redistributed to the various branches of De Bosrand. The company is also strongly committed to E-commerce, as part of their omnichannel strategy. They’ve reserved a space within the distribution center for this purpose.

An online player can only be successful with a distribution center that offers speed, efficiency, flexibility and scalability. It was up to NEDCON to use our expertise to add precisely these characteristics to the distribution center of De Bosrand. We did that with a solid system that is easy to assemble and disassemble.

Our solution
That system consists of a robust, modular shelf system that we recently developed. De Bosrand is one of the first customers to use this solution. This gives them a system that they can adapt as they go along if online sales activities demand more or less space, or different layouts.

Even a great plan is just a plan....
until you make it real


An adaptable warehouse layout so that De Bosrand's new distribution center is scalable and therefore future-proof.


Modular shelving systems that are easy to move and/or modify and last for many decades.


A scalable and adaptable warehouse for De Bosrand that moves with changing needs.

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