Dasselaar Asian Food

Dasselaar Asian Food is a wholesaler, based in Nijkerk, that deals in Asian products. The success of this typical family business, which started selling eggs to all kinds of sectors in the 1960s, comes from responding to the demand that arose from Chinese people opening restaurants and other businesses in the Netherlands. In addition to eggs, there was also a demand for other types of products. With now more than 60 years of experience, Dasselaar has developed into a provider of a total assortment to the Asian world. Their customer approach, assortment, logistics and automation make the difference.

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Dasselaar Asian Food
Properties of this project
  • Pallet racking supplied in various standard configurations for the purpose of flexible layout
  • Closed shelves delivered to create flexible pick locations
  • Drive-in racking supplied to allow larger purchases to be made through this compact storage
  • Free standing collision protectors type Defender 800* supplied to protect the uprights of the pallet racking against collisions from a reach truck
  • Disassembly and assembly of the racking in phases so that the delivery to customers could continue
  • Advice on food storage, for example by applying tube profiles as ground guidance in the drive-in rack. These are easy to clean
  • Good coordination between the parties involved (Dasselaar, NEDCON and assembly company) to ensure that deliveries go through

In 2019, NEDCON came into the picture for the interior remodeling and expansion of the new freezer warehouse. Due to good experience with the Account Manager in the past, Dasselaar again chose the same Account Manager to handle this remodel under her care. Dasselaar's warehouse is now fully equipped with NEDCON storage systems. This allows the wholesaler to buy larger, generate a wider assortment and realize a more efficient flow of goods. The decision to install Defenders, NEDCON's upright protector, provides for the facilitation of a working environment in which safety is a priority.

*Curious about our DEFENDER?
Want to know what benefits the Defender offers you and what strength rating (800, 1500 or 3000) we recommend for use in your warehouse? Click here to view our Defender landing page where you can easily calculate this yourself.

Even a great plan is just a plan....
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To set up the warehouse in a way that will create the most efficient flow of goods and realize a solution that will allow employees to perform work in a safe manner.


A redesigned warehouse that provides more storage space and allows goods to be stored and shipped more efficiently. With the installation of Defenders, safety in the warehouse is ensured.


An efficient and safe warehouse which makes Dasselaar ready for the future!

''The expertise of NEDCON's Account Manager was an important factor in the decision to do business with NEDCON.''
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The NEDCON head office is located in Doetinchem (The Netherlands). We also have our own production facility in Pardubice (Czech Republic) and there are NEDCON offices in various European countries and the United States.

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