Drive-in racks

Compact warehouse setups are ideal for the storage of large quantities of identical pallet goods, from cleaning products to soft drinks and meat. You save space and energy - especially when cooling is involved. NEDCON’s drive-in racks can provide even more additional advantages.

These drive-in racks excel in carrying capacity and collision resistance. Because however skilled your forklift operators are, you cannot rule out the possibility of collisions with racks.

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Benefits NEDCON Drive-in racks
  • Compact flexible storage with maximum collision resistance
  • Designed according to FEM 10.2.07 guidelines
  • Extra high quality steel, which makes heights exceeding 12 metres possible
  • The beams are among the strongest in the business
  • Suitable for first in first out (FIFO) or ‘drive through’ last in, first out (LIFO)
  • Various forms of protection to prevent collision damage
  • Future-proof with high residual value
  • Can be combined with pallet racks, flow racks and shelving units
  • Available in all RAL colours


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Not only does NEDCON use extra strong steel for all the main components, the connections between the components also leave nothing to chance. For example, NEDCON uses bolt connections with four bolts in order to transfer the load from the beam rail to the uprights. The beam itself has been designed to provide maximum support, horizontally and vertically. The channel faces are fitted as standard with sturdy input guides and back-stops, and for the columns NEDCON supplies upright protectors and integrated guide profiles (stiffeners), among other things.

Thanks to the modular setup, you can easily extend your drive-in rack or combine it with pallet racks, flow racks or (large compartment) shelving systems. You can easily order additional components. Our Smart Range products are reasonably priced and delivery times are fast (ready to ship within 72 hours).

Our product experts are ready for you

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