NEDCON supplies solution to XXL dc of customers Rabelink Logistics and EXIT Toys

Business Park 7Poort – located in Zevenaar, close to the German border – has gained a new operational XXL distribution center. Rabelink Logistics and EXIT Toys have recently moved into one of the larger distribution centers in the region. The new warehouse covers an area of no less than 23,500m2. We have provided the parties with a suitable solution and we have created space for the storage of more than 30,000 pallets, which can be expanded to 40,000 pallets. The realisation of this project took only three months, from first conversations to completion.

It is October 2020 when Rabelink Logistics and EXIT Toys make the decision that it is time to move into a new, much larger warehouse. The exponential growth of EXIT Toys, which has started since its inception in 2011, has experienced unprecedented growth in the past year, partly due to the corona crisis. People are strongly tied to their homes and this benefits the expert in the field of outdoor toys EXIT Toys. ‘’The corona crisis has certainly given us an extra boost with regard to our enormous growth. I think we are good at developing products exactly to the wishes of our customers and we are also widely visible and available online,’’ said Leopold van Os, co-owner at EXIT Toys. ‘’We also distinguish ourselves by the fact that our products can be assembled in a modular way. That way you as a consumer receive exactly what you need.’’

Partnerships are key
Logistics service provider Rabelink Logistics has been taking over the logistics process of EXIT Toys for more than three years now. It provides both the warehousing and transport of all EXIT products throughout Europe. The collaboration with NEDCON dates back to the mid 1980s. Alwin Schweckhorst, Managing Director at Rabelink Logistics says: ’’We try to be close to our customers and really put ourselves in the shoes of our customers. We focus on partnerships, EXIT Toys and NEDCON are examples of this. That this works is also evidenced by the long-term relationships we have. We have several customers with whom we have even been doing business for more than 40 years.’’

The setup of a XXL dc
In the new distribution center there is room to store the 300 unique product range of EXIT Toys at more than 31,000 pallet locations, with the option of expanding this to 40,000 locations. Leopold van Os: ’’We have said since our foundation in 2011 that we only do what we are good at and where we add value. For us, that is the creative process of developing and selling our products. We try to outsource the rest, but by involving the right parties.’’

Smooth cooperation
The mentality that prevails within the companies is also reflected in the smooth cooperation that has arisen within the 7Poort project. The first talks were scheduled for mid-October, the first phase was installed by NEDCON at the end of December and it was possible for Rabelink Logistics and EXIT Toys to fill the distribution center. At the beginning of February 2021, the second phase and thus the entire project was completed. Alwin Schweckhorst: ‘’We are very dependent on the flexibility of our partners. We are asked to do so, but we therefore also place it with our partners. I did not expect the project to be realised so quickly, but that is only fantastic to experience. In addition, the no-nonsense and practical approach of all three companies also contributed to the speed of the process.’’

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