Internships successfully completed: check!

Our trainees conclude their internships during this period. Because of this, final presentations were given again in our Innovation Centre last Thursday. Another part of completing the internships, is reflecting on what the students have learned, whether this outcome was planned or unplanned, and how they experienced being part of NEDCON.


A different kind of responsibility

Lars did an internship at the System Integrators department and he tells: “During the internship I slowly got to become a part of the organization, which allowed me to get in contact with a great variety of people within the company and have a certain responsibility. You cannot experience this with a school assignment.'' He took on the assignment of finding an alternative for the press bolt. “I came to realize that a lot of people have an opinion on the subject. Initially I expected to only have a lot of contact with my supervisor and maybe some other people within the department, but in reality it was the complete opposite.”

Theory translated in unexpected ways

That a lot more people are involved in a project is something May (Design Principles & Prototyping Trainee who designed a High Cycle Fatigue Test System) also learned.  “At school we learn how to conduct a project. At NEDCON I learned how many steps have to be taken and how many intermediaries are involved before being able to get to the end result,” she tells. Something she also experienced was that sometimes the theory translates to reality in unexpected ways. “I did not expect there to be so many euro norms applicable to storage systems. I briefly learned about this at school but now during the internship did I come to realize how many are relevant just in steel construction.”

Process Coach completes great experience

This helpfulness is also something that was prevalent when it came to the guidance. “People were always willing to help, both within the department and companywide. The fact that NEDCON has a process coach, Sandra, also makes the overall experience a great one. She frequently ensured we were on the right track and was always available for questions or feedback,” says Laura, Marketing and Communication Trainee who created a buyer persona for the employees and Resellers. Overall, they have said to have really felt like they were included. “I was not put in a corner to just work on the assignment. I got to partake in activities and help the department,” May explains. 

We are very happy that the experience of students with NEDCON was once again so good and educational. Are you interested in doing an internship at our company? Take a look at our internships and graduation page & maybe we will see you in the future!

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