Transport & Logistics

In the Transport & Logistics sector, reliability and flexibility are paramount. You make sure that your customer’s products arrive at the end customer on time and in perfect condition. And because delivery times are becoming shorter due to e-commerce, increasingly high requirements are being placed on your services. NEDCON supplies storage systems which allow you to make your promises a reality.

If you want to get the most out of your distribution center or warehouse, then we would be happy to offer ideas. About efficient layout, or about racks that support your logistic processes, such as drive-in racks for ‘last in first out’ handling (LIFO) or flow racks for ‘first in first out’ handling (FIFO). Or the pallet shuttle systems which allow you to save space in your warehouse.

Up and running quickly
For short-term contracts, you want to be able to rapidly construct temporary distribution centers on location. NEDCON’s robust Smart Range standard racks have a minimal installation time, so that you can get temporary storage up and running in a short period of time. An investment in NEDCON racks is a safe investment. The racks can be safely reused at a new location and have a high residual resale value.

Why choose NEDCON?
  • An investment in NEDCON racks is a safe investment
  • The racks can easily be reused at a new location
  • The robust Smart Range standard stands from NEDCON require a minimum of assembly time
  • With NEDCON products you ensure a safe working environment for your employees
  • NEDCON pallet racks are among the safest in the market: they comply with European standards
  • The products are available in any RAL color, including in the colors of your house style

Our projects are our proof

We have produced and assembled pallet racks for DHL. We used extra heavy type of racks so that all pallet goods (for almost every pallet weight) can be stored. This makes DHL ready for future...
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Safety first
With NEDCON’s racks, you ensure a safe working environment for your employees. NEDCON’s pallet racks are among the safest on the market: they more than meet the European standards and can take a beating. Depending on the risk of collisions, you can choose to equip your racks with additional protection with stiffeners for the uprights and our DEFENDER, a collision barrier that keeps forklifts at a safe distance. The racks are available in all RAL colors, including your house style’s color.

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