Transport racks

We can make transport racks for small goods as well as pallets.

Pallet-based goods
Our transport racks allow your warehouse to realise high throughput speed. And we can effectively configure speed to match specific pallet weights. If required, this can involve integrating:

  • the first in first out principle (FIFO)
  • push-back possibilities (Last in, first out (LIFO))
  • combination with order picking and mezzanine floors
  • safety features to prevent pallet congestion
  • modified rollers for heavy loads


Small goods
Transport racks are ideal order picking systems for small goods. You will be able to benefit from:

  • ergonomic and compact collection locations
  • high bearing capacities on roller conveyor profiles
  • simple separation of roller conveyor sections
  • controlled goods flow


We can easily combine this solution with your pallet racks, shelving and/or extra-wide shelving .



Would you like to automate the storage and transfer of your small goods? Then we can assist you. Further information about our automated storage systems for small goods can be found here.

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