Drive-in racks

Fully utilise your storage space by using our drive-in racks. The drive-in racks are ideal for the bulk storage of goods that are serially loaded or unloaded. You will be able to benefit from:

  • robust and solid construction with safe wide pallet support
  • designs customised to weight-specific rack components
  • use of ‘last in, first out’ principle or ‘drive through’: last in, first out
  • trouble-free assembly in cooling and freezing areas
  • various protective features to prevent collision damage
  • extra pallet support for special pallets


We can easily combine this solution with your pallet racks, transport racks, shelving and/or extra-wide shelving .



Would you like to automate the storage and transfer of your small goods? Then we can assist you. Further information about our semi-automated storage systems can be found here. NEDCON Shuttle.

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